Christmas Presents – It’s Time to Go Shopping

When should you start shopping for Christmas presents? Some people rush out at the last minute, others have already socked away the better part of their planned Christmas presents before school lets out for the summer. But the question remains: What’s best?

Here are a number of advantages to shopping for Christmas presents as early as possible:

  1. Buying early gives you the best chance to get good deals What better opportunity for buying Aunt Hilda (well, actually her poodle) a new purple leather leash or your girlfriend a designer scarf then the going-out-of-business sale at the local pet store or summer clearance at the new boutique? Being on the lookout and buying early really gives you the best chance to get a good deal.
  2. Starting early gives you plenty of time to look for that very special gift The business trip to London in March would have been the best opportunity to stop by Harrod’s and get that perfect gift for your Anglophile sister-in-law. And wouldn’t that nifty crocodile jigsaw puzzle you saw at the zoo last month have been a great gift for your reptile-loving nephew? Rushing out the week before Christmas to look for that one special gift will probably not work as well.
  3. By buying early you can avoid disaster and humiliation If you are an Early Bird you won’t be in the situation where you will have to explain to your three-year old how come Santa didn’t manage to get her a Doodlewing Doll (or whatever the year’s most coveted gift is), even though all her friends at preschool got one. Instead, you will have the lovingly wrapped Doll sitting safely in a closet while your friends still spend whole afternoons on an odyssey through the local malls, desperately hoping to avoid disaster.
  4. Shopping for gifts throughout the year will help you budget properly We all know Christmas can be a big drain on our bank accounts. By buying stuff throughout the year, the expense gets spread more evenly, making it easier to budget. No longer will you stand in the mall in December, wishing you hadn’t splurged on that new DVD-player in October so you wouldn’t have to max out your credit cards now.
  5. Avoid the crowds Yep, here comes one of the biggies. If you are finished with your Christmas shopping in September, you can avoid a trip to the mall the last week before Christmas. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys the experience of getting crushed by frustrated people while “Jingle Bells” drones on. And if you do enjoy a trip to the stores right before Christmas, you will be much more relaxed if it is just for a look-see and not a necessity.

Clearly, there are many great reasons for getting started early on our Christmas present shopping. So, even if it is still a while to Christmas, maybe it is about time to go out and look for that perfect present for our loved ones.